Executive Education

Executive Training


Executive Education is a training service to develop managerial soft skills in your company. You can propose the type of training you want, or ask us to summarize the type of training that fits the situation your company is facing. The training will be tailored to the needs, culture, and field of work of the company. Training can be intended for employees, managers and executives. You can specify the length of training, and we usually held a class 3 times a week. This program is usually carried out in three stages:


First, the pre-course to summarize all needs that going to be an objectives of the training. Second, in class or meeting in training class. And third after class, which is usually filled with problem solving simulation.




We will handle your problem through our consultants from some fields according to the main expertise of CCE :

- Leadership

- People and Knowledge Management

- Strategic Management

- Technology and Operation Management

- Decision Making and Strategic Negotiations

- Business Risk and Finance

- Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management

- Performance Management

- Service Excellence 




- Leadership Development Program

- Financial Officer Leadership Program

- General Management

- Human Capital Management

- Basic Human Resources Training

- Expertise for Credit Officer